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Bearwood & Surrounding Areas Campaign

Are you bothered by aircraft noise at night or during the day?

Bournemouth Airport currently has around 5 flights per night, carries 1 million passengers per year, and has aggressive expansion plans. The only control on its night flights is a noise budget that allows an increase to at least 20 flights per night without seeking approval from any higher authority.  If we compare this night flights budget with Bristol for example, it currently handles six times as many passengers, but has a night flight budget that is less than Bournemouth's. The Bournemouth night flight budget was set by Christchurch Council without consulting Bearwood residents.

Most of these additional flights would be between 11pm and 1am or around 6am - potentially causing severe disturbance to sleep.

There is an issue with westerly departing passenger Flight-Paths that not only creates unnecessary noise for daytime flights, but also will exacerbate the problem of night flights.  The problem with Flight-Paths is that a very high percentage of planes do not adhere to the rules thereby causing them to unnecessarily overfly areas such as Bearwood. Even if planes do adhere to the Flight-Paths the rules are such that planes turning to the south or going straight ahead will also overfly these residential areas. 

Most people do not know how to tell whether a passenger plane oveflying their area is doing so because it is breaking the rules, or because the rules are not fit for purpose in minimizing noise. And even if they did, they don’t know how to complain. The consequence is a low number of complaints to Bournemouth airport regarding noise levels.


What can you do about it?


Bournemouth Airport are currently going through a consultation period for their Noise Action Plan. If you want to influence the outcome of this process you can do one of the following:

1.    To get a cut in the night flights budget, ask for a review of Flight-Paths, or help with our campaign please go to our contact form here and fill it in. Your details will not be retained after this campaign has ended, and will not be used for any other purpose than this campaign.


2.    To complain about a specific plane making too much noise because it is overflying your area.  Go to the Bournemouth Airport web site feedback page at:


Select the Category as “Environment”. In the first line of the Comments section put: “complaint about airport noise”. In the rest of this section say that you have observed an aircraft making unnecessary noise, and make sure that you tell them the time and date of your observation, and your own name and address including postcode. If you can identify the aircraft operator, so much the better. The airport is duty bound to investigate every complaint.



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