BIA passengers historic

Bristol International Airport (BIA)

In 2008:

6.2 million passengers per year

80,000 flights per year

58.2% passengers outbound international leisure (2003)

  5.5% passengers inbound international leisure (2003)

£700m tourism deficit estimate

500,000 tonnes carbon dioxide emissions from flights

93% passengers travel by car

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BIA passenger breakdown

Projected passengers:

8.3 million passengers Department of Transport projections for 2015

10-12 million passengers Air Transport White Paper target for 2030

10 million Airport Master Plan target for 2016 - 61% growth from 2008

Group opposing expansion

Stop Bristol Airport Expansion, a coalition of local groups of Friends of the Earth,
CPRE and the Parish Councils' Airport Association which represents 26 parishes around the airport.


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